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Providing value-add liquidity solutions for secondary fund managers has been our focus for over two decades.


The Firm has successfully raised nine private equity secondary funds designed to solve complex problems for leading secondary fund managers.

Montauk TriGuard leverages its relationships with secondary fund managers that have been cultivated over the past 30 years to provide value-add liquidity solutions in the $12 trillion private capital market (Preqin). Montauk TriGuard is unique in its experience in providing liquidity for investors in secondary funds.

Distinctive Features

Montauk TriGuard’s niche-focused strategy, experienced and cohesive management team and disciplined investment process are designed to attract an ongoing flow of high quality, proprietary investment opportunities. Montauk TriGuard’s key distinctive features are as follows:

  • Niche secondary specialist with a proven and differentiated investment strategy. Montauk TriGuard’s differentiated investment strategy has remained consistent over time and is designed to capitalize on market inefficiencies by focusing on providing liquidity solutions to secondary funds.

  • A leader in global secondary fund liquidity solutions. Montauk TriGuard is uniquely positioned to provide secondary fund liquidity solutions.

  • Access to exclusive opportunities. Montauk TriGuard believes it provides its partners access to top performing private fund managers and attractive deals that are not typically available to smaller investors or those without the benefit of its longstanding relationships in the secondary market network.

  • Independent firm with a dedicated focus. Montauk TriGuard has no third-party owners and is dedicated to providing value-add liquidity solutions with no conflicting or competing products.

  • Experienced, cohesive and organically grown team. The partners have an average of 33 years of professional work experience, an average of 23 years of secondary market experience investing across numerous investment cycles and have worked together at Montauk TriGuard for an average of 17 years.